Runway video:

Best backstage moments captured by Tina : Anastazija for designer Martina Felja


Male model for IK STUDIO


Fahion blogger Ella for BiteMyStyle




With dearest Ana Maria 🙂


Gorgeous Marija Magdalena


Model Mimi 🙂




Walking the runway for Croatian top fashion brand founded by Nikica Ivančević and Vjeko Franetović is aaaalways a pleasure.

The reasons are : their clothes is  lady-like, elegant and sophisticated, and these characteristics are permanent.

However, with every new collection they manage to push themselves a bit, so every time you expect their collection with a great enthusiasm, cause you are sure it is going to be something great.

This time they found the inspiration in a garden, so the rose motif was present is  detailes, black and white and strong red colours were used, but they managed to impress with their own handbags which can be worn both as a backpack or classical purse.

And they are gorgeous and pretty cool!



Foto: Mirko Jankovic
Foto: Mirko Jankovic
Foto: Mirko Jankovic
Foto: Mirko Jankovic


Foto: Mirko Jankovic
Foto: Mirko Jankovic

Foto: Mirko Jankovic

Foto: Mirko Jankovic
Foto: Mirko Jankovic





Foto: Mirko Jankovic

Watch the runway:

Foto: Show Bizz Press, Mirko Janković Katja i Simon


Marina Design

My second time walking the runway for Croatian designer Marina Obradović. What I have to empasize is that everytime ( well, actually both of the times:)) I walked the runway, it felt so unladen, and Marina showed a playfull, younthfull and refresing collection. Bravo!

My personal favourite look is the shirt with yellow tie, and I got the wear it! Yeey! And I love these belts around the waist, it looks pretty cool.

5 DAN MARINA DESIGN REVIJA-9-635626126627235004_840_4725 DAN MARINA DESIGN REVIJA-20-635626126742703836_460_258

The makeup and hair close up (though it is not me, but this model and I quite resemble each other)- photo by Jure Perišić for



The whole collection:

Yelena H. by Jelena Holec

holec sculptris-greek-statue_reference

Thank you Anita for wonderful backstage pictures.

The hair was traditional on profile, mad scientist en face, and you can’t see it, but definitely alien looking at the top, which was the theme of this collection by Jelena.

Lovely lady Kasandra Draganić on the photo below is to blame for make up, and Zvonimir Ferina for the pictures.





Morana Krklec

5-dan-morana-krklec-revija-11_840_472 (1)

Etna Maar



Tomislav Kliškinić and Marko Šabarić are the new power of Cro a porter. So great, because these guys really have a talent. Their first collection EXORDIUM was well-thought and mature, and this time they kept the original concept, only switching the timeless black with grey and deep blue to freshen up a little bit- and it worked. The whole makeup and hair are not too striking, yet interesting, matching the whole collection.




Oh, and not to forget, I gave them a nickname: Kliško (abreviation of Marko and Kliškinić), although it resembles Kličko- famous fighter. Hope they don’t mind. 😉


Photo credits:,,, Zvonimir Ferina, Anita Mamuza Borna Filić/PIXSELL day 3

 My first and hopefully not the last time opening a runway! 🙂 

And also for respected fashion brand eNVy room.

Needless to say I felt responsible to do it the best I can.

My tenth runway for their thenth anniversary :).


Aand my very first time wearing a wedding dress.

Also hopefully not for the last time haha :).

The sweetest shade of pink and thosuand white flowers on it- a match made in heaven (also known as eNVy  room).





Zagreb, 18.10.2014 - Na Zagrebackom Velesajmu odrzana je zavrsna vecer modne revije Perwoll

Now it is my turn to say something 😉

When watching the runway people are always expecting that the model’s walk is flawless, and I am no exception regarding that matter, or better say I was. Let’s be honest, what everyone thinks about modelling it is basically that your only job is to walk a couple of meters in high heels. Come on, it’s not a big deal, everyone can do it!  😉 But, there is always but…Now, when done a remarkable numer of runways, I can understand that it is not always an easy task to models. There were times when my dress was too long and I couldn’t help myself stumbling at some point, and if your shoes are not your size… BINGO!! Yet you have to do your best so it does not show at all if possible. 

And to conclude this post, I have to say my shoes at Marija Kulušić’s runway were the best! I flew through the catwalk! And of course I loved my outfit a lot.


photo credit:

I had a gold metal wire at the back of my head, too bad it does not shows 😦 However I kept it, and maybe I will use it in some editorial. Hasta la vista baby! 🙂



FASHION.HR 2014 : Day 1’s longest edition ever! In 5 days from 14.-18.10.

I had the coolest braids done by lovely hairstylist Anita on picture below. Only half of all Obekei models had it; others hat or cap and straight hair. To tell the truth, I liked mine better since this was my first time having  fishtail braids. It was worth the pain.






The bag in my right hand became really popular, it is frequently featured in editorials.


 Tea wore Krie design. They were inspired by ladies nights out, more precisely by the morning look after it. They even had to walk like they had one too many drinks, something which definitely doesn’t come natural to Tea.


I love the leather and croatian pleter embellishment.


Saturday, the last day of Cro A Porter, in the backstage you could have seen tired faces of models and other stuff members,  but I was full of energy, craving for more. Luckily I don’t have to wait long as next week is scheduled FASHION.HR      Yeeeey!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, to sum up CAP: Tina wore SOEL by Sonja Lamut, it was a winter collection as designer used a lot of wool to keep us warm this winter, you can be wrapped to the neck and still be well-dressed!


Tina’s look 1


Tina’s look 2


Matija Vuica

Matija’s runway closed CAP, she is a well-known and established Croatian designer who took this opportunity to make a detachment in her work. Up until now she used a lot of tulle, lace and glitter; as the matter of fact tons of them. But now, no. We have seen a new Matija, not so theatrical but calmer, lighter and more sophisticated, focused on dark  pastel shades. This was my first time wearing her collections and I am more than satisfied. I loved my outfit, the colours matched pretty well together.


vuicacr vucicabl






     The backstage photo of mine: remember how I said I was full of energy, happy, etc? I was indeed, however, this photo was taken while waiting for my turn on makeup, I spent a couple of hours waiting and meanwhile ended up lost in my thoughts.

Tina’s backstage photo: happy kiddo

photo credit:, zvonimir ferina photography,, anita bukljaš